Hi, I’m Hannah.

I know how it feels to succeed on the outside while you’re quietly unraveling on the inside. I know because I’ve been there...

As is often the case, it all came crashing down when my ability to perform was severely altered by unforeseen circumstances.

After a head on collision with a drunk driver, I found myself waking up from a coma in a foreign country, and an identity crisis followed. When I could no longer do it all, I was forced to dig deep.

I began to confront questions you’ve likely asked as well...

  • Am I worth anything if I can’t do anything to earn it?

  • When will my achievements be enough to make me feel like I am enough?

  • Why does my life feel meaningless when I’m accomplishing everything that is supposed to make me feel successful?

  • Is there a way to be successful without it costing me everything I have to give?

At 21 I was faced with the decision of a lifetime.

I could continue down the road I was on, attaining a version of success that led to constant burnout, exhaustion, and breakdown. Or I could find another way.

I took the first step toward wholeness and reached out for help, starting with deep-dive therapy and eventually snowballing into a cascade of support from specialists, retreats, and conferences. I radically changed my rhythms and structures of living, fueling my production from a place of wholeness, alignment, and sustainability.

The results were undeniable, life-altering, staggering.

I saw massive shifts on every level.
  • Working from a place of exhaustion and burnout, constantly fighting for painstaking progress to thriving in work with intuitive, value-driven, aligned performance that led to consistent excellent outcomes.

  • From experiencing relentless anxiety about not being or doing enough, while striving to hit an externally defined standard to establishing my own version of success and finding grounded contentment and fulfillment in it.

  • Being limited by a massive fear of failure and constantly feeling like I’m not doing it right to expanding my vision with intention, taking risks and reaping big rewards for it.

The impact to my life and wellbeing was so tremendous that I went back for more...

This time to become a specialist myself so that I could take others through the process. I gained certifications in mastering mindset, leadership transformation, and overcoming trauma.

Now with 10 years of experience, I have tailored my support to provide consistent breakthrough and powerful results to my clients.

I have guided hundreds of high achievers - CEO’s, founders, athletes and artists, men and women, starters and re-starters - out of those same cycles that nearly killed me and into a purpose-filled, renewable life that has margin for what they love while supporting ongoing achievement from a place of deep alignment.

Are you ready to build an aligned life?

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