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Image of Hannah Abad, Prime Collaborative Owner and Head Growth and Mindset Coach

Leveling up your life shouldn’t leave you so depleted that you lose yourself in the process.

When achievement autopilot finds you stuck in a relentless cycle of over-working that costs you in all the wrong ways, it’s time to look deeper.


You can live a high-capacity life without scraping by on empty. Gain the freedom and empowerment you need to experience powerful change and growth that leads to a fulfilling life.


Breathless laughter, drinks with friends, waking up rested, family time. With clear guidance, you can build a life that makes space for what means the most to you.

ACHIEVE Resilience.

Growing and leading in your sphere of influence doesn't have to cost you everything. You can cultivate incredibly robust and vision driven impact that is powered by a rich personal life - we are here to show you how.

Hannah Abad. Owner and Head coach for Prime Collaborative

I’ve helped hundreds of people achieve a renewed life.

I have been where you are and I know how it feels to be operating in vision and leadership while feeling an internal sense of collapse. Now with 12 years of experience, a proven and proprietary method, and an incredibly high success rate, I can say with confidence that this doesn’t have to be how your story ends.

It is possible to accomplish your goals with clarity and resilience, and live a fulfilling life from deep wholeness and alignment at the same time. I’m here to show you how.


Let’s activate your breakthrough.

vip day

Focused support when you are seeking urgent breakthrough and direction for necessary change.

  • 5 hour private session
  • Targeted assessment and strategy
  • Gain breakthrough, clarity and immediate execution for next steps

Speaking Engagemnets

Virtual and in-person events customized to meet the need of your audience.

  • Addressing root cause of burnout in high-achivers
  • Creating pathways for healthy and sustainable growth
  • Utilizing neuroscience and the brain body connection for peak performance

Transforming your life starts here.


Schedule a discovery call to identify the support that’s right for you.


Collaborate to identify and eliminate the obstacles holding you back.


Establish your healthy internal operating systems


Build and enjoy a fulfilling life from strength and alignment

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"Rest and play, then work. That reversal has been transformative."

Working with Hannah has been transformative for my professional and personal life. As a high-functioning professional, I often felt the weight of achieving success without truly taking time for myself. Through our sessions, I've learned the importance of integrating play into my life, prioritizing it to fuel my work, rather than seeing it as a luxury. Hannah's neuroscience approach, focusing on shifting from survival mode to a healthier state of mind, was exactly what I needed. She's been there through my challenges, offering tools and strategies that have not only helped me be more effective at work but also enriched my personal life. I now understand the importance of trusting my inner knowing and creating spaces for clarity. Every moment with Hannah felt like a step towards being a better version of myself. She's more than a coach; she's a friend who's seen me in my vulnerable states and offered unwavering support.

Heather Byrd-Henderson | Directory of Clients, Scouts Agency
"Hannah helped me find my calm, truly."

Working with Hannah, I uncovered a deep understanding of how the body clings to emotion, and in just a few months, I found resolution that years of talk therapy couldn't offer. I've transformed, becoming more present and genuine in my relationships. Thanks to Hannah's insights and the powerful tool she introduced for addressing unprocessed emotions, I now navigate life with an unparalleled state of calm.

Robyn Johnson, MS, RDN, LD | CEO, Nutrition By robyn LLC
"From perfectionist to balanced, thanks to Hannah."

Before Hannah, I was trapped in a cycle of overthinking, perfectionism, and struggling with boundaries. But in our time together, I've learned to distinguish fact from fiction, create the work-life balance I desired, and stand firm in my boundaries without compromising my needs. Through her insightful questions and undeniable expertise, Hannah taught me that not only can I work smarter, but I can also foster healthier relationships, both professionally and personally, by addressing conflicts head-on and letting go of self-made narratives.

Sarah Blodgett | CEO, Digital Grace Design
"Rediscovered my self-worth, and reclaimed my narrative."

Before partnering with Hannah, I was caught in a perpetual cycle of starting exciting projects and then stalling, often leading to an overwhelming sense of regret. My self-worth took a hit each time I plateaued, and I was desperate for a genuine shift. Enter Hannah. Our sessions weren’t your typical video calls. The voice-only approach, as surprising as it was at first, made all the difference. It fostered genuine introspection, letting me wander my thoughts without distraction, and ensured our conversations were rooted in truth, devoid of the influence of facial cues. Today, my self-worth has skyrocketed. I've moved past toxic relationships, expanded my consulting team, and fully embraced passions like disc golf that light me up. This transformation wasn’t just about pushing through mental barriers—it was a holistic rebirth. If you're seeking not just a change, but a deeply-rooted, transformative shift, I can’t recommend Hannah enough.

Lauren Wessell | CEO, Aperaqe BioTech Consulting
"Setting boundaries isn’t about disappointing others; it's about valuing myself."

Before working with Hannah, I was trapped in a relentless cycle of burnout, always feeling the need to validate my position, especially as the youngest or only female in leadership roles. The sessions guided me in rediscovering my inherent value beyond just my job titles. They illuminated the importance of setting boundaries, both in my professional and personal life, which drastically transformed how I navigate my career decisions. Now, I don't just take the next best opportunity; I confidently choose roles that truly resonate with me. Beyond work, this newfound clarity has enhanced my personal well-being, allowing me to prioritize myself and my family without the burden of constant self-doubt. My interactions are more genuine, and I've learned the true essence of living, not just existing for my job.

MEGAN VRABEL | Capital Factory, Chief Revenue Officer
"Rediscovering 'me', thanks to Hannah's guidance."

Before meeting Hannah, I was lost in a cycle of people-pleasing, believing I needed to tirelessly work for everyone else to find value. I was just going through life's motions, feeling detached and overwhelmed. But in our sessions, Hannah masterfully unearthed my deeply embedded lies, guiding me through traumas I thought were resolved. With her, I discovered an authentic self, learning how to truly be ME, surrender, and recenter my life. Hannah's distinct approach has reconnected me to life, allowing me to navigate its challenges with newfound clarity and purpose.

Lindsay Goss, DMD, MPH | Owner, Ce.liya
"With Hannah, clarity replaced my anxiety."

When I met Hannah, anxiety and unseen roadblocks clouded my nights and days, exacerbated by my upcoming marriage and business pressures. Her calming demeanor, invaluable insights, and gentle guidance not only showed me different ways of seeing the world but also released me from self-imposed chains. From better handling tough conversations, letting go of undue obligations in my practice, to adopting lifestyle hacks that elevated both me and my patients, Hannah's coaching transcended an investment and reshaped every facet of my life.

Dr. Carleigh Golightly | Owner, EMPOWERMED Clinic
"I cannot recommend Hannah highly enough!"

She personally helped me navigate a very stressful time in my life. I was juggling all the requirements of leaving Active Duty Military service, moving to a new home while my husband was deployed, and applying to graduate programs. Hannah helped me to organize my goals for the future and also my schedule to keep me on track for all of the steps leading up to these goals.

Christine benedict| Senior software engineer at valtech
Courtney Sanchez. Head Shot of Previous Prime Collaborative Client testimony
"Working with Hannah was life changing..."

Working with Hannah was nothing short of life changing. She not only helped guide me through personal challenges, but she helped me heal from childhood/adolescent trauma. Understanding how those two things played a key role in my decision making process as an adult was astonishing. Week after week, I found clarity, freedom, and ultimately...happiness. Doing the hard work and trusting Hannah was the BEST decision I have ever made. I didn't know who I was, what I enjoyed, or what I wanted out of life. Today, I am a proud business owner who lives my life in alignment with my values.

Courtney Sanchez | Owner, Rebellion Nation
Head Shot of Previous Prime Collaborative Client testimony
"I reached my highest potential!"

Working with Hannah has resulted in immense growth in my life, both professionally and personally. After working with Hannah for only 3.5 months, I was able to transition into an industry that I had been trying to enter for 4 years. I scored my dream consulting role, and I increased my pay by 90%. My self-awareness, confidence, and relationships have improved tremendously.

Haley Reagan | Consultant at Project Outlier

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